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Monday, January 01, 2007

Starting off the year right

Last night my wife & I tried something different to ring in the new year. We did a midnight 5k. The usual activities don't hold much appeal for us anymore. When you live in a college town, most of your friends are out of town over Christmas break, and anyway living near college students tends to make partying somewhat less attractive. Last year we took off to Key West for their rather wild New Year's celebration, but this year we were up for something a bit more calm.

The race actually started at 11:45 PM, with the idea that you start in one year and finish in the next. It was DARK. I've literally never run that late before...except when I was drunk, in trouble, or both. I did a track 10k at 10 PM once--this was a far different experience. My touchy achilles tendon is a bit tight today.

There are two major New Year's races, the São Silvestre in São Paolo and the San Silvestre Vallecana in Madrid. In the Madrid, the Eliud Kipchoge bettered the official road 10k world record in 26:55. Even if the IAAF ratifies it, the ARRS most certainly will not since the point-to-point course is significantly downhill.

Side note: Both races are in honor of Pope Saint Sylvester, a 4th-century pontiff whose feast day is December 31. This is appropriate for running, since he succeeded Pope Saint Miltiades...and a different Miltiades led Athenian forces in 490 BC at the Battle of Marathon.

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