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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It Worked

When the weather begins to warm, I get a rather common occurrence that annoys the shit out of me. Young punks will drive by as I run and yell things at me. As a high school teacher, I'm used to busting teenagers' chops pretty hard when they mouth off, so maybe this bothers me more than most people. But I doubt it.

It's recently been a topic of discussion at Let's Run, as we wondered what was the best response. My two cents on the topic:
I only get this crap from males in a moving car, and never anywhere near a stop sign or traffic light. I've come to the conclusion that the only useful reply is a rock through the windshield.
So this evening a car full of twerps did this right at the beginning of my run, and I got so pissed I actually did pick up a sizable rock and carried it for a mile waiting for the next idiots who want to start something.

Well, another vehicle containing four white-trash type teenage boys did slow down and actually stop in the road as I was coming the other way. It certainly appeared that they wanted to do something, but continued on their way once they saw the rock. I dropped it right after that--I finally had my lone victory.


bill said...

Move to Hong Kong. It never happens here, and dogs don't chase you either.

Quick Silver
Hong Kong

The Track & Field Superfan said...

After I thought about it, I realized this has literally never happened to me in the Toledo metro area (pop. 650,000 or so) but happens all the time in Bowling Green (pop. 30,000). Go figure.

The other wierd thing is I'm always of two minds about this. I was raised by introverted intellectuals in a rough working-class area. So I ponder about the social implications of this type of behavior at the same time that I want to put a major hurt on them.