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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Anti-Doping News

Quite a few headlines recently. In reverse order, from boring to interesting:

The IAAF announces eight bans, none of them involving a name I recognize.

The Toronto Sun reports on Dick Pound's retirement from head of WADA.

The New York Times gives us an update on the search for an HGH test, which would be the next leap forward in drug testing (it's known as the drug of choice for sprinters). Also: the MLBPA's fight against the test and a column about it.

Yahoo! Xtra reports on the initial clearing of Giuseppe Gibilisco of a non-analytical positive. The article makes much of his claim to never fail a drug test, but it rings as hollow as a gangster who says he's been indicted but never convicted. The real key in this story is whether or not law enforcement has sufficient evidence to prove he recieved doping materials.

I saved the most interesting for last: Ex-Track Stars Could Testify For Government in Balco Trial
Five-time Olympic medal winner Marion Jones, former 100-meter world record holder Tim Montgomery and several other well-known track and field athletes might testify at the trial of track coach Trevor Graham in November, federal prosecutors in San Francisco said in a recent court filing.

Besides Jones and Montgomery, the government attorneys named four other athletes -- sprinter Michelle Collins, brothers Alvin and Calvin Harrison and sprinter Ramon Clay, along with coach Tom Craig -- as possible witnesses in what is projected to be an eight-day trial beginning Nov. 26.

C.J. Hunter, Jones's ex-husband and a former world champion shot putter, and coach John Burks, a former assistant to Graham, are also expected to testify, Graham's attorney Gail Shifman said in a recent interview.
We've gotten the truth out of all these athletes save one: Marion Jones. People have been convicted of murder with less compelling evidence than we have against her; maybe we'll finally get to the bottom of it all.

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