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Sunday, October 11, 2009

April versus October

As I'm sitting here half-watching the Chicago Marathon, and reflecting on this morning's WorldHalf Marathon Championships bronze medal by Ritzenhein, I'm also reading Bill Simmons' latest column.
If you like sports, like television and actively look for reasons to waste time, your two favorite months are probably April and October. In a related story, those are my two favorite months. I love wasting time. I love nothing more than to waste time. I even created a career around wasting time while intermittently handing in columns and recording podcasts. So yes, I like April and October.

Here's what April brings to the table: Opening Day; the Final Four; the NFL draft; the start of the NHL and NBA playoffs; the Masters; Halter Top Day and the start of the outdoor exercise season (East Coast and Midwest only); serial network shows such as "Lost" and "24" setting up their season finales; spring weekend in college; Easter Sunday; and the first slew of weddings. That's a lot of wasted time.

October has the entire baseball playoffs; four football weekends (college and pro); football tailgates; the start of the NBA and NHL seasons; foliage; Halloween, trick-or-treating, Halloween decorations, replays of "Halloween," Halloween parties and girls wearing slutty Halloween costumes; Columbus Day; quality fall shows such as "Mad Men" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm"; fantasy football; the last slew of weddings; the height of the book release season; fantasy basketball drafts; and, again, girls wearing slutty Halloween costumes.
Simmons comes to the conclusion that he's an October guy. Me too, but from my perspective it's mid-October thru mid-November versus mid-May versus mid-June.

Here's what late spring brings to the table: decent weather, championship season for high school and college track, me getting to announce said meets and make everyone listen to what I have to say, the post-AP-test blow-off time in my advanced classes, turning in school keys and getting to do whatever the hell I want from 10 AM to about midnight, ground firm enough to start running on trails again, the advent of cookout weather, and my annual 39th birthday party. By comparison, the only thing April brings to the table is the Boston Marathon and spring break.

October has decent weather, fall foliage, jeans-and-sweatshirt temperatures, cross-country championship season for high school and college, tapering my team for said races which results in me getting home before 6:30 PM, homecoming, a sense of newness and opportunity for another school year, big-time marathons in Chicago and New York, my two favorite holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving), the advent of stew and roast weather, and an annual trip to Terre Haute to nominally see the NCAA XC championships but in reality to get piss-drunk with an old college buddy and then hammer 6 miles with him the next morning.

October wins.

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