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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Awards

Ashton Eaton's heptathlon world record was the Performance of the Week. The indoor version of the multi-event favors him; he's strongest in the running and jumping events and weakest in the throws. He's still got some improvement to do if he's going to challenge Trey Hardee and Bryan Clay, but it will be a very interesting USATF championships this summer.

Honorable mention goes to Lolo Jones for her 7.72 Worlds win in the 60 hurdles, Teddy Tamgho's 17.90 world indoor triple jump record, Nadzeya Ostapchuk's 20.85 shot put win at the Worlds, and Olga Rypakova's 15.14 triple jump win at the Worlds.

The competition of the week was the women's shot put at the World Indoor Championships. Pretty much everyone of any importance was there, and the top three of Ostapchuk, Valerie Vili, and Natallie Mikhnevich are all having a great year.

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