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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Evening Decathlete

Quite a few years ago, ABC used to have a few midweek NFL games late in the season. They called it "Monday Night Football: Special Thursday Edition". Well, this is the special Monday edition. Which is OK, because this is supposed to be the track version of Monday-morning quarterbacking. What did we learn this week?

NCAA Regionals are staying put, for next year at least. And as much as Vin Lananna hates them, it's not stopping him from bidding on the West regional. They'll get it. As for the East, I have no idea. I've got a few suggestions to make the process a bit nicer: cut down the entries to 32 per event, and only qualify 8 to the NCAA "final round" at Des Moines.

Coaches are mad at USATF. Until now, I've steered clear of this whole issue. A month ago, USATF announced a new "coaches registry" that requires, among other things, criminal background checks, signing off on a code of conduct, and a $35 biennial fee. If you don't go along, you get no credentials at USATF events (such as this week's nationals) and you're not eligible for USATF or USOC compensation. James Dunaway and Larry Eder circulated an editorial titled Has USATF Declared War on Coaches?, USATF Pres Stephanie Hightower saw need to respond herself, and it's been wondered if the absence of many stars from this week's USATF Championships is a response.

From my perspective, I see no reason to bitch at all. I teach and coach in a K-12 setting and the new USATF policy is far less onerous than what is regularly required from me by the Ohio Board of Education and the Ohio High School Athletic Association. As for its hurried implementation, it's a CYA move by USATF after the issues that recently came up with USA Swimming. Sure, it would be nice to have a proactive policy than a reactive one, but that's simply not America's leadership style in either the non-profit or business worlds. So kwitcherbitchen!

It's nice to have friends in high places. I was making my picks for the USATF fantasy league last weekend, and decided to call on Martin Bingisser for some help. He said he needed some time to get back to me before responding with his opinions. Little did I know why he needed the time--he was competing in the European Team Championships second division.

Charlie Brown must be Slovenian.
It would explain why so many moved to Cleveland. If a city embodies all that is emblematic of Charlie Brown, it's Cleveland.

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Tmo said...

Another Tidbit about the USATF Coaches' Registry.... All I had to do was log into my membership account and I was approved. As a high school/youth coach, I had already jumped through all the hoops.