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Friday, October 22, 2010

New College Tracks

I maintain a website, College Ovals, dedicated to profiles of every outdoor college track facility in NCAA Division I.  If you haven't seen it, check it out.

We always think of college track being on the wane.  But not all outlooks are bleak: there are a lot of new facilities either currently being built or being planned for the near future.  Here's a rundown of what is going where.

Utah:  The Utes will have a dedication ceremony tomorrow for their brand-new McCarthy Family Track & Field Complex.  It's a great track, but the field is turf which precludes holding the throws inside the "stadium".  And the seating? "Lawn-style spectator seating", meaning no stands--plant your butt on the grass.  Maybe seating can be built in the future from Pac-12 money.

Oregon State: The other member of the future Pac-12 without a track facility is Oregon State.  A stadium is in the fund-raising and planning stages.  It's likely to be the largest and best of these future facilities.

Iowa State: The Cyclones have a track, but it "has deteriorated beyond repair" and a new one is in the works.  Approval to begin planning and financing was sought yesterday.

Boise State: The Broncos already have a track, and one that has hosted multiple NCAA Championships.  But the football team is now a fixture in the national top ten, and stadium expansion is planned.  You know what that means: removing the track.  This won't happen, however, until a new track/football facility is completed, one that may actually be better (for track) than the current Bronco Stadium.

Stony Brook: A new soccer/lacross/track facility is currently being built, with completion rather soon.  The first home meet likely won't be until 2012.  Again, the turf field will require the throws to be outside the stadium.

Vermont:  The Catamounts broke ground in August for a track-specific facility, with all field events in-stadium.  No word on how much seating.  Then again, how much can Burlington need?

Texas State: The Bobcats currently run in Bobcat Stadium, but broke ground for a new track-only facility in September.  All field events are planned to be in-stadium and seating is planned for 1,000.

Campbell:  The Camels are raising funds for a new track-only facility.  The bulk of the funds are already in, thanks to Irwin Belk (of Belk department stores).  The onetime North Carolina quartermiler has funded nearly two dozen high school and college tracks in the mid-Atlantic region.

Jacksonville: A multi-sport artificial turf facility is being constructed for football, lacrosse and track.  Completion of the track is slated for next summer.

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pjm said...

Vermont, of course, doesn't have a football team, so their stadium doesn't need to support that sport.