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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Preseason Men's Dual Meet Rankings

This year I will again be doing dual meet rankings for college track and field.  The rules...
  • Only teams who have scheduled one or more scored meets of four or fewer teams are eligible for ranking.
  • A team may not be ranked ahead of another team that defeated them unless a) there was a split-squad issue or b) the teams met multiple times and splti their meetings
  • While the rankings are for a combined indoor/outdoor season, outdoor results are given greater weight.

These rankings are very preliminary and based only on marks made during last season.

1. BYU
2. Oregon
3. Texas
4. Ohio State
5. Michigan State
6. Texas A&M
7. Iowa
8. Indiana
10. Nebraska
11. Stanford
12. Arkansas
13. Washington St.
14. Wisconsin
15. Washington
16. Georgia
17. USC
18. Akron
19. California
20. UC Davis
21. Kent State
22. Princeton
23. Cal Poly
24. Texas Tech
25. Liberty

#3 Texas goes to #12 Arkansas on January 14.

Honorable mention goes to Oklahoma, the best dual-meet team in the country without a dual meet on their schedule (and, under current calculations, flat-out the best dual-meet team period).

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