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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Major track facility expanding

A quick note as I sit in the pressbox working a truly dull high school tri-meet...

There is major expansion going on at an already major facility for track (and all kinds of other sports too). The GaREAT Sports Center in Geneva, Ohio, is changing its name to the Spire Academy.

The place already has a 300 meter 8-lane indoor facility which has fantastic spectator amenities and hosted this year's NAIA Championships. It already has a top-quality outdoor track.

So how is it being expanded? A second outdoor track. A throws stadium. Yeah, stadium. Michael Johnson will be training athletes on-site, and there will be dormitory space.

The facilities for other sports are similarly off-the-charts excellent. Read on. It's amazing..

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1 comment:

Martin said...

This throws stadium sounds interesting, but if the infield will be used for lacrosse and soccer, then I am not sure it is a good fit for there to be regular shot put and hammer competitions or training.