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Saturday, November 04, 2006

AMC Championships / NAIA Region IX-X Championships

This was at the same site as the OAC meet last week, but the conditions were much better. Cold and breezy but sunny, and the course was dry and firm.

The Men's Race
With Jack Hazen's Malone College juggernaut in attendance, you figure everyone else is running for second. On the men's side, Malone is #5 in the latest NAIA poll with Cedarville at #11. Early on, it was obvious that those two teams were head and shoulders above the rest, with each school's top five runners in the top 15.
Cedarville's freshman Dan Roberts was out front from the get-go and he only extended his lead as the race wore on. In the team competition, it was still up in the air with a mile to go, although most of Malone's runners were a step or two ahead of their Cedarville counterparts.

At the finish, Roberts won easily
while Malone's runners kicked better and Cedarville's fifth man fell off a bit. The favored team came out winners, 29-39, with Shawnee State a distant third.

The Women's Race
Looking at the poll, this was supposed to be a tossup between #5 Cedarville and #6 Malone, whose ranks were swapped the week before. But it was fairly obvious who was going to win by halfway with Cedarville running very well, and they only moved up as the race went along. A 1-2 Cedarville finish was led by Samanth Maat.

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