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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Anti-Doping News

Two stories in the news today...

First, the testers have apparently beaten the cheaters out of the gate on gene doping (which is nothing but gene therapy used for a nefarious end). Gene doping was seen as the next step beyond drug use, and far more powerful. According to this article, it's more or less been stuffed as a cheating option before anyone seriously tried it (so far as we know).

Second, Ben Johnson told Australia's Herald Sun newspaper that Carl Lewis was involved in a conspiracy to sabotage him and cause his positive test at the 1988 Olympics. This is on its face a laughable claim, as Johnson testified under oath that his drug use began in 1981 and so no conspiracy was necessary. Besides, this story was first told at least 15 years ago, and so far the search for this "mystery man" who spiked Johnson's drink has been as serious as OJ's search for Nicole Simpson's "real" killer. But at least this story taught us that Tony Kornheiser and Charles Wilbon (ESPN's Pardon The Interruption) have absolutely no knowledge about elite track & field.

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