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Friday, December 29, 2006

Anti-Doping Tirade

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman punches around Mark McGwire in an online column which details his Hall of Fame vote.
Some will claim steroids were not disallowed at the time, and that, of course, is 100 percent false. There was no testing for them during McGwire's career, and no spelled-out punishment. But they were neither permitted in baseball nor legal in our society.

Some will say that everyone did them, and I'll agree that many did do them. But I will say first that not everyone did do them, and most who did got away with it. While McGwire has never failed a test or confessed, in my mind he is caught.
Heyman does not specifically address it, but baseball and track have very similar doping problems. The common issue is a reverence for each sports' stats, numbers and records, which doping has totally and completely fouled up.

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