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Monday, February 19, 2007

IAAF Gets In the Anti-Global Warming Act

Today the IAAF announced its "Green Project". Basically, they said if we don't all do something, we ain't gonna be running/jumping/throwing but scratching for survival. They're some two years behind FIFA's "Green Goal" and way outclassed in terms of planning and execution, but it's a start.

The press release mentions transportation as one area of effort. Air travel accounts for up to 10% of all greenhouse emissions and is rapidly expanding. For a global sport, working on this is the biggest single thing they (or you) can do.

Fortunately, it's ridiculously cheap and easy. Online agencies such as offer Terrapass, a "carbon offset" which makes your travel carbon-neutral by funneling your money into industrial efficiency and renewable energy. If you fly 6,000 miles, you create 2500 pounds of CO2--which can be canceled out by ten measly bucks. Terrapass is only one company; there are dozens of other transportation carbon-offset programs out there. The IAAF should be pushing this big-time.

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