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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tyson Invitational / USA XC

My thoughts on this weekend's meets and their ESPN2 broadcast...

Race of the Day: Men's 4x400m relay. What was supposed to be a WR attempt by an American all-star team turned into quite a competition. Baylor almost beat a collection of the world's great long sprinters.

Trend: Kevin Sullivan had his best race in quite some time, coming from waaay back in the 3k to win and break his own Canadian record. At almost 33 years old, this is not the time most middle-distance men start breaking PRs. He did get a new coach sometime in the last year or two, leaving his longtime mentor Ron "Warhurts" Warhurst. Whether or not the Michigan coach deserves the criticism some give him is up in the air, but continued improvements would certainly give more ammunition to the haters.

This Week's TV Gripe: Maybe they did this in the last two minutes of the broadcast (I turned it off at that point, assuming there would be nothing). I saw the beginning of the women's pole vault...and not the finish. What gives? Can't edit tape in two days? Yikes, these people are amateurs!

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