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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Anti-Doping Roundup

No fewer than four stories in today's headlines alone...

The Albany DA behind a national PED dragnet (see details) says he'll provide names of athletes who received drugs to their leagues. Notable in its absence is any mention of WADA or USADA, lending credence to my theory that no athletes covered by these organizations were stupid enough to get their PEDs through such easily traceable means.

Doug Gillon, writing for Britain's The Herald, commends USADA and the EAA and BOA, gives the UCI middling marks, and chastises the ATP, FIFA and UEFA.

Longtime top discus thrower Lars Riedel got a public warning for missing a dope test. Rumor has it he missed five such tests in 2006.

And top Nigerian sprinter Olusoji Fasiba got the crap beat out of him after trying to work out at Lagos' National Stadium. Seems the place is monopolized by bodybuilders (read: steroid freaks) who didn't appreciate his presence.

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