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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Olympic Trials Marathon recap

1. Ryan Hall, 2:09:02 (OT record)
2. Dathan Ritenhein, 2:11:07
3. Brian Sell, 2:11:40
4. Khalid Khannouchi, 2:12:34

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My thoughts on the men's marathon Olympic trials...

NBC's recap did not give the race enough time to do it justice. We got a few minutes of the 5-man lead pack at halfway, then Hall breaking away at 17 miles, and then the finish. We did not get to see Brian Sell make his move into third, we did not get to see Abdirahman and Keflizighi crater.

In retrospect, Hall should have been an obvious choice to win. Ignoring the clearly over-the-hill Khannouchi, he had the best qualifying time. As a relative newcomer to marathoning, he's still on the upswing (a very short period of time for marathoners). As a 4:00 miler in high school, he's obviously got the most talent. And based on high school accomplishments, Ritz was the second-most talented athlete in the field.

Doesn't Sell just have the coolest damn mustache you've ever seen? Love the 70's badass look. Clearly, it made the difference between earning an Olympic spot or being left behind.

The Hanson ODP finally has an Olympic marathoner.

Local Ohio boy Joshua Ordway of Holgate ran extremely well to end up 21st.

The webcast could have been done better by amateurs.

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