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Saturday, November 24, 2007

SI Sports"man" of the Year

In the leadup to naming their 54th annual Sportsman of the Year on December 3rd, Sports Illustrated's writers are posting columns about the nominees. You can even make your own comment (not that it will make any difference). Track's entries so far are Paula Radcliffe and Allyson Felix.

The latter column, by the usually-excellent Tim Layden, lapses so far into the realm of the ordinary that I half expected to read that "the night was sultry". I'll excuse it because 1,000 words is not enough to sum up what Felix has done this year athletically, and what she could conceivably do for the professional end of the sport in the future. In a nutshell: more reliable than Alan Webb, more camera-friendly than Tyson Gay, more trustworthy than Marion Jones, and just might become as good as Michael Johnson.

I have not posted much lately, even on my most excellent (as usual) trip to the NCAA cross country championships. This is because I'm moving next week. It's difficult to believe that I've accumulated this much crap in the ten years I've lived in this house...So my next post will probably not be up for at least a week.

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