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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Searching for a Gym

Over the last ten years I've apparently been spoiled when it comes to gyms. In the small college city where I used to live, there was the university's rec center, a city-run rec center, and literally just two other gyms in the entire city. The one where we had a membership was on the opposite side of town, which meant it took five minutes to get there. And we paid a whopping $40 a month.

In our new place of residence, the old-town part of a large and sprawling suburb, no such luck. Mrs. Superfan has a rundown on the adventure of trying to find a suitable site to hoist iron.

Note: You may recall "YMCA" as the Village People's biggest hit, and that the almost-true story of their creation, "Can't Stop the Music", starred '76 Olympic decathlon champ Bruce Jenner. "Can't Stop the Music" is considered one of the worst films ever made; Jenner was nominated for a Golden Raspberry Award in the "Worst Actor" category (inexplicably won that year by Neil Diamond).

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