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Friday, October 03, 2008

I'm Still Alive

Wow--three weeks without a post.

School started, and two weeks into it I was given a schedule of classes totally different than the one I had prepared for, plus I'm coaching a team that I feel deserves a significant share of my attention. In short, I've been barely had time to keep up with the Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart, let alone post the wacky things that travel through my head. No lonesome 20-milers, no deep thought.

I have come across one new thing online that merits mention. Ben Wietmarschen, of Less Than Our Best fame, is writing about college XC for in a feature called The Meat Grinder. Not only is it (intentionally) laugh-out-loud hilarious, it's also (maybe unintentionally) a highly informative guide to the sport's regular season, which to me always appeared about as pointless as regular-season basketball.

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