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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Your Morning Links

RW Daily News has the main headlines, including the ever-present Marion Jones.

Michael Johnson says Usain Bolt should try the 400, and also says track is on a major decline in the USA. Master of the obvious!

GalxoSmithKline will pay for the London 2012 drug testing lab. The money, 10 million pounds, is astronomical by anti-doping standards but spare change to a pharmaceutical company. Seems odd, but the cooperation of a drugmaker cannot be a bad thing (unless they try to control things, which would result in huge bad press for them). In a related and very important development, WADA is ready to start its blood passport program.

Oregon is already selling NCAA Championships tickets.

Canuck Bruny Surin is going into master's competition with an eye on breaking records.

A long list of proposed USATF bylaws changes...discuss.

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