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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

High Jump Rankings

1. Ivan Ukhov (Russia)
Two wins and a second, already has some big heights to his credit.

2. Yaroslav Rybakov (Russia)
Got off to a good start over the weekend in Belarus.

3. Jesse Williams
Hasn't yet competed.

4. Andra Manson
5. Linus Thörnblad (Sweden)
6. Jaroslav Bába (Czech Rep.) 4th in Trinec, 4th in Hustopece
7. Andrey Tereshin (Russia) 1st in Ostrava
8. Dusty Jonas 2nd in Trinec, 2nd in Hustopece
9. Raul Spank (Germany)
10. Aleksandr Shustov (Russia) 1st at Moscow Cup
11. Osku Torro (Finland) 1st in Wuppertal
12. Dmytro Dem'yanyuk (Ukraine) 3rd in Trinec, 6th in Hustopece
13. Aleksey Dmitrik (Russia)
14. Viktor Shapoval (Ukraine)
14. Tora Harris
16. Sergey Mudrov (Russia) 2nd in Ostrava, 8th in Hustopece
17. Kyriakos Ioannou (Cypress)
17. Sylwester Bednarek (Poland)
19. Alessandro Talotti (Italy) 3rd in Hustopece
20. Samson Oni (UK) 5th in Hustopece

1. Blanka Vlašic (Croatia)
Trying to shake off an illness.

2. Ariane Friedrich (Germany)
Started strong with two wins, including the deepest competition of the year so far at Karlsruhe.

3. Ruth Beitia (Spain)
Has made some good marks but has avoided any decent competition as yet.

4. Irina Gordeeva (Russia) tied for 6th at Karlsruhe, 2nd at Cottbus
5. Chaunté Howard Lowe won at Glasgow, 2nd at Trinec, tied for 3rd at Karlsruhe, 4th at Hustopece
5. Marina Aitova (Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world) won at Cottbus, 2nd in Goteborg, tied for 3rd at Karlsruhe
7. Anna Chicherova (Russia)
8. Viktoriya Klyugina (Russia) 2nd at Karlsruhe
9. Antonietta Di Martino (Italy)
10. Svetlana Shkolina (Russia) tied for 2nd at Hustopece, won at Goteborg
11. Iva Straková (Czech Rep.) tied for 2nd at Hustopece, 4th at Trinec
12. Emma Green (Sweden)
13. Levern Spencer (St. Lucia) 5th at Karlsruhe, tied for 4th at Glasgow, 3rd at Goteborg
14. Nadiya Dusanova (Uzbekistan)
14. Elena Slesarenko (Russia)
14. Melanie Skotnik (France)
17. Jessica Ennis (UK) 2nd at Glasgow
18. Meike Kröger (Germany) 3rd at Glasgow, 3rd at Cottbus
19. Amy Acuff has she retired?
20. Noengrothai Chaipetch (Thailand)

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