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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Millenium Records?

Starting the record book over at the new millenium has been thrown around as a way to get unapproachable dirty marks off the books (and to recognize rules changes in the pole vault). Track & Field News has listed them off. Apparently, they've forgotten when the millenium ended, as some of their marks are from 2000, but that's not important.

Since the ostensible reason for such a clearing of the books is to clean them, paired with this proposal should be a requirement to strip records from athletes who are given major (multi-year) doping bans. Changes to T&FN's list of records would be thus:

3000m: Ali Saïdi-Sief's 7:25.02 out, Kenenisa Bekele's 7:25.79 in
20k Walk: Vladimir Kanaykin's 1:17:06 out, Jefferson Pérez's 1:17:21 in
Hammer throw: Ivan Tikhon's 86.73 out, Koji Murofushi's 84.86 in

1500m: Süreyya Ayhan's 3:55.33 out, Maryam Yusuf Jamal's 3:56.18 in
20k Walk: Olimpiada Ivanova's 1:25:41 out, Olga Kanaskina's 1:25:42 in
Shot put: Larisa Peleshenko's 21.46 out, Nadzeya Ostapchuk's 21.09 in
Discus throw: Natalya Sadova's 69.38 out, Irina Yatchenko's 69.14 in

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