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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Superfan Rankings Update: Men's Overall Leaders

Let's take a look at how I see the race for the Athlete of the Year...

1 David Oliver USA 346 pts
2 David Lekuta Rudisha KEN 343
2 Christian Cantwell USA 343
4 Ivan Ukhov RUS 320
5 Asafa Powell JAM 303
6 Andreas Thorkildsen NOR 295
7 Dwight Phillips USA 288
8 Bershawn Jackson USA 287
9 Usain Bolt JAM 280
10 Walter Dix USA 267

High hurdler Oliver is undefeated outdoors and has approached the World Record on multiple occasions. 800 runner Rudisha is also undefeated and approached the World Record once. Shot putter Cantwell has totally dominated his event.  Ukhov isn't undefeated, but has won all the biggest competitions.

Bolt is down at #9 for one reason only: he hasn't raced all that much. If he comes back with three or four more races like the ones he's already run, he'll be at the top.

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