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Monday, August 02, 2010

Superfan Rankings Update: Men's Overall Leaders

After Championship Week, how do the points stack up?

1. David Lekuta Rudisha (KEN/800m) 362
2. David Oliver (USA/110H) 346
3. Christian Cantwell (USA/SP) 341
4. Ivan Ukhov (RUS/HJ) 315
5. Andreas Thorkildsen (NOR/JT) 312
6. Asafa Powell (JAM/sprints) 303
7. Bershawn Jackson (USA/400H) 287
8. Renaud Lavillenie (FRA/PV) 282
9. Usain Bolt (JAM/sprints) 280
10. Dwight Phillips (USA/LJ) 273

Rudisha's stunning 1:42.84 at the African Championships gives him the inside track to the Athlete of the Year. How much altitude hinders the 800, if at all, is hard to quantify, but running that fast without a pacemaker has rarely if ever been done.

Ukhov's silver medal was a missed opportunity for him. Thorkildsen can pass him only with a mark in excess of 90 meters, or with continued Ukhov shortcomings.

Lavillenie enters the top ten with a Euro gold medal and a big mark. Bolt will move up the rankings soon, and in a big way. But he'll need some really fast times to bust into the top three.

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