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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Superfan Daily: College Power Rankings

Both men's and women's rankings have new leaders this week.  One might surprise you. 

As discussed last week, these rankings combine several things: results of scored meets plus projected competitiveness at national and conference meets.

Superfan Men's Power Rankings for February 1
Team (last week's rank)
1. Indiana (3)

2. Texas A&M (1)
3. LSU (2)
4. Arkansas (13)
5. Ohio State (4)
6. BYU (5)
7. Oregon (NR)
8. Penn State (14)
9. Florida (23)
10. Nebraska (10)
11. Texas (NR)
12. Iowa (11)
13. Oklahoma (16)
14. Stanford (NR)
15. Minnesota (6)
16. Washington (NR)
17. Texas Tech (9)
18. Florida State (NR)
19. Illinois (12)
20. Wisconsin (NR)
21. Arizona (NR)
22. Clemson (24)
23. Akron (7)
24. Princeton (NR)
25. Notre Dame (NR)

Indiana goes to the top after an outstanding weekend.  Oregon entered the rankings strong at #7, while Florida moved from #23 to #9 (and will go higher when/if Jeff Demps makes his seasonal debut).  Reality has now struck, as 21 of the top 22 come from the five traditional power conferences.

Texas A&M and LSU will get a rematch at the New Balance Collegiate Invitational this coming weekend, with Arkansas, BYU, Texas and others thrown in for good measure.

Superfan Women's Power Rankings for February 1
Team (last week's rank)
1. Oregon (NR)
2. Texas A&M (1)
3. LSU (4)
4. Texas (20)
5. Arkansas (3)
6. Indiana (6)
7. Clemson (5)
8. Arizona (NR)
9. BYU (NR)
10. Stanford (13)
11. Nebraska (11)
12. Florida State (NR)
13. Ohio State (10)
14. Tennessee (2)
15. Central Florida (8)
16. Penn State (17)
17. Texas Tech (9)
18. Oklahoma (7)
19. Southern Illinois (12)
20. Georgia (NR)
21. Mississippi (16)
22. Connecticut (21)
23. TCU (22)
24. Baylor (NR)
25. Illinois (18)

Oregon enters with a bang at number one. Texas, Arizona and BYU made big moves as well.

As with the men, the Aggies and Tigers will be rematched at the New Balance Collegiate Invitational, plus Arkansas, BYU, and six other ranked teams.

What's On
The Indoor Classic Vienna takes place today in the Austrian capitol.
Meet website

Track on TV
Sydney 2000 Olympics: Bud Greenspan's Gold From Down Under, 6:00 PM tonight on Showtime Family Zone

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Big news: Galen Rupp will be running a 10k in Christchurch, New Zealand, on February 26.  It appears that he'll attack the American Record...and rumors are that he may have some company in Chris Solinsky.

More lineup announcements: Liu Xiang will compete twice in Germany next week, one of them against David Oliver.

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