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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Superfan Daily: College Power Rankings

The leaders stay the same, but the followers changed considerably.

The major competition of the week was the New Balance Collegiate Invitational, which had a team scoring element.  There were some upsets in the competition which are reflected in the rankings below.  But the team scores also made ranking difficult for a few teams.

A few teams, most notably Oklahoma and the women's team from Ohio State, split their squads between the NBCI and another meet.  Had they brought their whole squad they probably would have scored more points than they did.  In these cases I've decided to ignore their place in the meet in terms of rankings.

The Superfan's Men's Power Rankings for February 8
Last week's ranking in parenthesis, this week's result in italics

1. Indiana (1)
2. LSU (3) 1st at NBCI
3. Florida (9)
4. Texas A&M (2) 2nd at NBCI
5. Duke (NR) 3rd at NBCI
6. Arkansas (4) 4th at NBCI
7. BYU (6) 5th at NBCI
8. Ohio State (5)
9. Penn State (8) 1st at Sykes-Sabock Cup
10. Oregon (7)
11. Oklahoma (13)
12. Tennessee (NR) 6th at NBCI
13. Minnesota (15)
14. Nebraska (10)
15. Stanford (14)
16. Wisconsin (20)
17. Alabama (NR)
18. Iowa (12)
19. Texas (11) 7th at NBCI
20. Washington (16)
21. Arizona (21)
22. Florida State (18)
23. Clemson (22)
24. Illinois (19)
25. Virginia Tech (NR)

Duke's surprise third-place finish at the New Balance meet enters them into the rankings with a bang. Tennessee's 6th-place finish also puts them back in the rankings after a one-week absence.

The Superfan's Women's Power Rankings for February 8
1. Oregon (1)
2. BYU (9) 1st at NBCI
3. LSU (3) 2nd at NBCI
4. Texas A&M (2) 3rd at NBCI
5. Texas (4)
6. Nebraska (11)
7. Arkansas (5) 4th at NBCI
8. Clemson (7)
9. Indiana (6)
10. Ohio State (13)
11. Arizona (8)
12. Oklahoma (18)
13. Connecticut (22) 5th at NBCI
14. Florida State (12)
15. Michigan (NR)
16. Stanford (10)
17. Central Florida (15)
18. Penn State (16) 1st at Sykes-Sabock Cup
19. Texas Tech (17)
20. Duke (NR) 6th at NBCI
21. Baylor (24) 7th at NBCI
22. Kansas (NR) 9th at NBCI
23. Tennessee (14) 10th at NBCI
24. North Carolina (NR)
25. Illinois (25)

BYU's big win over LSU and Texas A&M shoots them to number 2.

What's On
The Meeting du Pas-de-Calais, an IAAF Indoor Permit meet, takes place today in the French city of Lievin.  Top names include Teddy Tamgho, Dayron Robles, and Renaud Lavillenie.
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The Brnenska latka Alfa Helicopter, the opening competition in the Czech High Jump Grand Prix, takes place today in the Czech city of Brno.
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Track on TV
Bud Greenspan Presents: Beijing 2008 - America's Olympic Glory, 10:40 AM today on Showtime Family Zone
Sydney 2000 Olympics: Bud Greenspan's Gold From Down Under, 7:30 AM tomorrow on Showtime Family Zone

News Links
Runner's World's Racing News has all the headlines.

The USTFCCCA reviews the weekend's collegiate action.

Dangerous times for college athletes: two Gonzaga runners were hit by a car on Saturday, and Utah's bus was sideswiped on the same day.

Britain's Mo Farah is shooting for the UK indoor 5k record next week.  Rumors are that Galen Rupp will be in the race as well.

Speaking of records, South Africa's Mbulaeni Mulaudzi is shooting for his national 800 record (1:42.69).

Edwin Moses says today's tracksters don't engage with the public.

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