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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

They're Out To Get Us

More proof to support Tim Bedore's animal conspiracy...
BRAINERD, MN: As [Kandi] Hanson approached the halfway mark of the 10-kilometer Sour Grapes Half and Half run on Saturday, a spooked deer darted out of the woods and crashed into Hanson, sending the 28-year-old sprawling onto the grass before disappearing into the woods...

Hanson and two friends, Lottie Oehrlein and Robin Warden, shrieked at their encounter with the first deer before cautiously continuing their run, oblivious of the second deer.

"We started running a little bit again and Lottie yelled out, 'Here comes another one!' and I couldn't get out of the way fast enough; it plowed into me."

...Hanson spit the dirt out of her mouth, brushed herself off and finished the race. She escaped with only minor scrapes, bruises and soreness.
Obviously these deer failed in their mission to eliminate the runners. Rest assured that bears would have finished the job, as they are godless killing machines.

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