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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can Bolt Break Johnson's WR?

The question is questioned by Tim Layden, Phil Hersh, The Guardian, and every two-bit internet hack like the one you're reading right now.

No. Not a chance in hell. He is fast, very fast, but that's not how Johnson got the record. He was not a great 100 man (he never ran it with any seriousness at all) but his speed endurance was the best of anyone who has ever lived. Until Bolt can run sub-44.5 and hit the 100 all the way to the finish, don't even think about it.

So just watch the freakshow and don't get all worked up about the time.


Rafer Johnson said...

i guess u feel a little stupid now, don't ya.

The Track & Field Superfan said...

No, I'll amend my remarks to say that Bolt can damn near jog a sub-44.50. That much is absolutely clear. His coach has gone on the record saying 42.50.