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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Track Drinking Game

My good friends over at Less Than Our Best came up with an Opening Ceremonies Drinking Game. Not to be outdone, I've got one of my own. (It's a drinking game in that it's a game you play and you can drink while you do it.)

"What if Chris Berman Hosted A Track & Field Highlights Show?"

Take an athlete's name. Give him a Boomer-style nickname. Object: get your friends to laugh so hard that they shoot beer out of their noses.

Just from the Olympic Trials alone, we've got such items as...

Paul Terek "and the Dominoes"
Wallace "Wrigley's" Spearmon "Gum"
Michael "Mister" Rogers
Derrick "Strange" Brew
Galen Rupp "Arena"
Tim "Blake" Nelson (for all of us O Brother Where Art Thou fans)
Tyson Gay "...not that there's anything wrong with that"
David Oliver "Wendell Holmes"
Kerron "Saint" Clement
Bershawn "Action" Jackson
Steve Slattery "will get you nowhere"
Billy Nelson "Mandela"
Andra Manson "Family"
Tora "Torah Torah" Harris
Tim Mack "and Cheese"
Tommy "Gilligan, The" Skipper "Too"
Rafeeq "Lemon" Curry
Christian Cantwell "...maybe he can"
Reese "Jimmy" Hoffa
Russ Winger "and a Prayer"
Ian Waltz"ing Matilda"
Jarred Rome "Wasn't Built in a Day"
Travis Nutter "Butter"
Bryan "Feet of" Clay
Mustafa Abdur-Rahim "Schlemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated, We’re gonna do it!"
Tom Pappas "Meer" (gotta say that one out loud)

and I'll let you come up with your own for Walter Dix.

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

Steve Slattery "will get you nowhere"

That one wins for the one most likely to be used by Berman if he did track.