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Monday, February 09, 2009

Task Force Report Update

Missed this: the New York Times has a story on it.
The task force's] report was critical of what it considers a poorly structured federation and athletes who have not made winning Olympic medals and developing their sport their top priority.

"Through benign neglect, USATF has allowed shoe companies and agents to take over management of the sport," the report states. "It is long overdue for USATF to take it back."

Other analyses:

The committee took a dim view of athletes who squeezed in too many events between the trials and the Olympics, believing athletes were putting a higher priority on the paychecks from those events than on their chances for an Olympic medal. It called for athletes to sign a professional athlete contract with USA Track & Field agreeing to go along with long-term planning goals set by the organization.


The Olympic trials themselves came under question, but the committee called for retaining the selection process of sending the top three finishers to the Games. Because the strict trials system often keeps top medal contenders off the United States team, the committee considered a bye for top athletes.

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