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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Boston Indoor Recap

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My thoughts on the Reebok Boston Indoor Games...

I can't comment on the announcers; I was watching the meet at a noisy bar and couldn't hear anything. I suppose it's just as well...

TV coverage on the whole wasn't bad but still just not good enough. Case in point: field event coverage consisted of two pole vaulters attempting record heights. No actual competition between athletes was portrayed.

Who the hell is Sentayehu Ejigu? She's a B-level Ethiopian who hadn't broken 15 minutes for 5k in four years. She pushed Shalane Flanagan to an American Record (by a good 20 seconds) and beat her down the stretch. I thought Flanagan noticably overstrode in the last 20 meters or so and that's where she lost it, but I couldn be reading too much into the video replay. In any case, Ejigu must be considered a real contender to make the Ethiopian team for the World Championships--and any Ethiopian woman in the 5k is automatically a medal threat, like American men in the 400.

I think we can stick a fork in David Krummenacker. I don't think he's ever again going to make a national team or be a factor in big GP meets. And Alan Webb...he got solidly beat by Chris Lukezic? No disrespect to Lukezic, but Webb is supposed to be head and shoulders above him.

In the Pick N' Win game, I have now moved up to 18th. If I hadn't made two bonehead picks at Millrose, I'd be first. My two bombs this weekend were Bianca Knight in the 60m (bad start, never a factor) and Sarah Jamieson in the mile (inexlipicably poor race for her). Other than that, every one of my picks was first or second. If I win that $2000, I'm walking into the bar decked out like I'm at the Player Haters Ball.

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