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Saturday, January 31, 2009 the title of a thread at, paying homage to the great Says one poster:
I want my sportscasters to be informative and entertaining. Their pedigree as an athlete - which he speaks of constantly - is irrelevant. If we go by that we choose our sportscasters we're left with the likes of Carol Lewis - enough said.

The Rawdog needs to take lessons from Lewis Johnson. LJ ran on the GP circuit as a rabbit for years and was a solid runner - but he NEVER references himself in his remarks. He's class. Surround him with talent and the telecasts would shine.

Rawdog blows in part because he's always pandering to the audience with his stupid-ass metaphors. Listen, Rawdog, no non-track fan is watching, period, so stop trying to educate people - your average viewer of a telecast on ESPN18 didn't stumble there accidentally.

And hey, I'm not bitter. Just calling it as I see it. Rawdog may be a terrific guy - in fact, I'm sure he is. He'd probably be great to break bread with too. I just think he's a terrible announcer, and on that account I am not a lone bitter dissenter.
Spot on. It's not as if other sports don't have bad announcers--there's a whole blog dedicated to them--but they are regularly ridiculed and often in a far worse manner. If we wish track to be taken seriously as a major professional sport, we can't always be nice.

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