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Friday, January 23, 2009

Alan Webb, Steepler?

No, he's not making any noises this way.  But over at Let's Run, a discussion on racing the steeplechase brought out this comment:
Soft Cast wrote:'s a great race for athletic-type runners.

Which is why I still think Alan Webb could be great in the steeple (though even better in triathlon, but that's a different rant): He's just a solid, strong athlete for whom 8:00 pace (for the flat 3000) is ridiculously comfortable.

I'd love to see him give it a go, but I suppose it would have to wait until 2010--this year, there's too much at stake (income-wise).
Intriguing.  In terms of talent, Webb is right up there with the very best Kenyan steeplers.  And it seems to me that the steeple isn't nearly as dependent on strategy as the 1500, where Webb has been completely outfoxed.

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