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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Track & Field Channel?

Major League Baseball launched its own cable TV channel today. Ignoring for a moment that most of these single-sport cable channels have been considered failures, what would track & field TV look like?

Unlike, say, the NFL, track & field and its associated sports are close to a 12-month enterprise. Also different is that there's a good amount of stuff being filmed that never makes national TV. Be it local broadcast coverage of road races, high school sports on local/regional cable, or live internet feeds of college meets, there's actually no shortage of material. Cost for TV rights? Cheap, cheap, cheap.

With the internet, it's not difficult to put together the kind of talking-heads shows commonplace on cable TV sports. Just think about college coaches who' want to put on a weekly show like their football and basketball counterparts do. They'd be falling all over each other.

Besides domestic coverage, there's overseas coverage of various meets that never sees the light of day here either. While the announcers are mostly not speaking English, overdubbing isn't hard.

And when it comes time to fill air time with movies...well, the official Olympic films alone could take up a day or two.

Advertising? Shoe companies, health foods/supplements, exercise equipment. No shortage here.

Getting it on cable companies? There's your hitch. Just ask Universal Sports.

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