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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Millrose Games recap

Results / Trackshark coverage

My thoughts on the 2009 Millrose Games and its TV coverage...

ESPN's camara crew made a goof right off the bat on Friday night: they thought the finish line for the women's 600 yards was in the middle of the straightaway instead of the end.

Sunday's tape-delay broadcast did some smart things, like cut out the false starts. But why, oh why, can't we get an on-screen leader board for field events?

Also on Friday we got a good interview with new USATF CEO Doug Logan. He appears to be a leader with a clear vision of where he wants the organization to go.

The day after Bernard Lagat won his Waterford crystal trophy, workers have seized and occupied the factory where it was made.

Some of the college relay filler they gave us on Friday was surprisingly competitive. When I saw a two-team women's 4x400 lining up, with South Carolina against Seton Hall, I thought it was going to be a snoozer. Boy, was I wrong -- it went right to the finish. Same for the college men's 4x800.

Speaking of being wrong, I'm sitting in 36th place in USATF's Pick N' Win fantasy game. After publicly making my picks at Trackshark, I did OK. I bombed out only on the men's 600y and women's 60m, but I feel like I made a dumb pick or two on a few others. The current leader, well clear of the field, is identified only as "TLB". Could that be Trackshark founder Tom Borish?

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