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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Anti-Doping "News"

From the Orange County Register (via RunZoom):
The U.S. Olympic Committee, concerned about the potential embarrassment of a doping scandal involving American athletes at the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, conducted an informal drug testing program in the months leading up to the Los Angeles Games that allowed Olympic-caliber athletes testing positive for banned substances to escape sanctions, according to documents obtained by The Orange County Register and interviews with three officials involved with the program.

At least 34 U.S. track and field athletes either tested positive or had possible positive tests during six weeks of informal testing by USOC in the spring of 1984, according to confidential USOC memos. None of the athletes was sanctioned or lost eligibility, according to USOC documents and interviews.

Athletes were informed of their positive tests and told continued use of banned drugs could result in positive tests at the U.S. Olympic Trials and Olympic Games, where violations would lead to bans from competition.
I call this "news" because it was in Vyv Simpson's '92 book The lords of the rings. He didn't have the specific numbers or get anyone to admit anything, but he knew exactly what was going on.

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Rob said...

The New York Times (August 19, I think) ran an article about drug use among Masters Track and Field Athletes. Leave it to the Times to find the "dark side" of a sport involving some pretty inspirational people. I recently returned from the World Masters Track and Field Competition in Finland and documented some amazing performances on YouTube in a video entitled: "Champions: Athletes Over 80". Sure, some of these people probably take drugs. What person over 80 doesn't?