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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Worlds, Day 4

Recaps: IAAF / Sports Illustrated / USA Today
Afternoon session: recap / video-on-demand
Evening session: video-on-demand
Finals recaps: Women's jav / Women's 400 / Men's 400H / Men's Steeple

Event schedule
IAAF preview
TV: Versus, 1:30-4 PM
Web:, 4:05 AM (afternoon session), 12:05 PM (evening session); IAAF Radio, 11 AM
Highlights: Men's 1,500, W 800, W 100h, M Discus, Decathlon Day 1

My thoughts on the fourth day of the Worlds...

Isn't it amazing how running smart is so much easier than running stupid? Sanya Richards should know now.

In the first round of the 400 hurdles, my brother asked me what was up with Bershawn Jackson, who appeared well behind until the stretch drive. I said it looked worse than it really was because of Javier Culson in the next lane over, who I identified as a quickly rising star. Well whadya know, Culson won silver. Shoulda picked him in the fantasy league.

Speaking of the fantasy league, I had a less than perfect day. Richards was my USA pick, mostly because if she bombed I could replace her with Lashinda Demus, who runs on Thursday. So I got 100 points there. After that it went downhill. Nelson Evora and Barbora Spotakova both got silver, in the triple and jav respectively. Obergfoll underperformed (again!) for fifth in the jav, and Brimin Kipruto inexplicably bombed to seventh in the steeple. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Obergfoll will ALWAYS disappoint you in the championship meets. I should have taken my own advice.

So my plan is to drop Kipruto in favor of Kiprop, who races the 1500 tomorrow, and the following day drop Obergfoll in favor of high jumper Ariane Friedrich.

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