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Monday, January 04, 2010

Go Figure

Even Sydney's Daily Telegraph has called Aussie hurdler Jana Pittman a "drama queen".

The normally-understated Wikipedia has a section in her bio titled "Negative Public Image" detailing a public tiff between her and Tamsyn Lewis. There should be no comparison, because Pittman is a great runner and Lewis sucks, and any self-confident athlete of Pittman's abilities would be happy to point that out. Pittman is a two-time world champion, while Lewis' notable achievements boil down to being on the rail when everyone else was looking at Maria Mutola, and taking her clothes off.

In 2006 Pittman married fellow hurdler Chris Rawlinson, who became her coach and manager. In April of last year, they separated and filed for divorce. At nearly the same time, she had a "secret" breast augmentation, a seemingly odd procedure for someone who makes her living off running.

Now she's had it reversed...and has reconciled with Rawlinson and they "plan to walk back down the aisle once their divorce is finalised".

At first I thought the timing of the surgeries and the breakup/reconciliation was wierd. Looking deeper, it's hard to say there's only one or two wierd things.

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