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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jen Stuczynski & Rick Suhr Married

Jen Stuczynski married her coach, Rick Suhr, on January 3rd. This only became public knowledge at a Millrose press conference.

Normally, such minutia doesn't merit mention here. But their relationship made news once before, at the Beijing Olympics. Suhr blew up at her while miked-up for NBC (she says she asked for the critique, and no one knew as she was not miked). It was, as they say, a "nine-day wonder" on the internet where Suhr was universally thought of as a prick.

If you've been married, and never gotten into a heated exchange with your spouse in front of other people, go ahead and cast the first stone. I, for one, will not. If that were the worst my wife and I ever have, both of us would have to take tranquilizers daily.

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