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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

College Power Rankings: Men

The only top-level scored action this past weekend were a couple of quad meets, the Pepsi Team Invitational and the Big West Challenge Cup.

All four teams in the Pepsi meet -- Oregon, Nebraska, Washington and Stanford--are now in the top 25. Oregon's win shot them up eight places, into the top ten for the first time since February 15. By finishing ahead of Stanford, Washington enters the top 25.

Idle Florida slips a spot, while Florida State has shown some real power outdoors and has moved to fourth.

The Superfan’s Men’s Power Rankings for April 12, 2011
(last week's ranking in parenthesis)

1. Texas A&M (1)
2. LSU (3)
3. Florida (2)
4. Florida State (8)
5. Arkansas (4)
6. Texas (9)
7. Southern Cal (6)
8. BYU (7)
9. Oregon (17)
10. Nebraska (11)
11. Indiana (10)
12. UCLA (16)
13. Minnesota (5)
14. Virginia Tech (14)
15. Washington (NR)
16. Arizona State (24)
17. Wisconsin (13)
18. Iowa (15)
19. Arizona (19)
20. Princeton (20)
21. Stanford (12)
22. Ohio State (18)
23. Georgia (25)
24. Texas Tech (22)
25. Houston (NR)
Close, but not quite: Akron, Cornell, Long Beach St., Michigan State, Mississippi St., North Carolina, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Penn State, Washington St.

Scored meets coming up this week include Cal at #21 Stanford, #22 Ohio State at Michigan, and #9 Oregon at #12 UCLA.

Included in the rankings, albeit only in a small way, is performance in the non-standard relay events that are often held at relay carnivals. They are definitely part of college track, and success in them is valued, even though they are not part of championship meets. There are many ways to evaluate success in college track , and these rankings are an attempt to summarize all of them together.

Women's rankings will hopefully be posted later today, but if not they'll definitely be up tomorrow.

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