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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A&M Deeeeep with Quarter-Milers

Last Saturday at LSU, the Texas A&M Aggies did something unusual.  Their men ran both the year's fastest collegiate time and the year's fastest American time in the 4x400 relay.

What's so unusual about that?  It happens all the time, when a team runs and gets credit for both leaders.  Here's the kicker, though--the Aggies did it with two different relay teams.

A&M's "A" team of Joey Roberts (46.5 split), Tabarie Henry (45.4), Brian Miller (45.6) and Demetrius Pinder (44.7) ran 3:02.21 for the collegiate leader.  But since Henry and Pinder are foreign athletes, that foursome can't post the American leader.

The Aggies' "B" team of Carlyle Roudette (47.3), Tran Howell (44.8), Michael Preble (45.2) and Oscar Ramirez (47.4) are all Americans, and their time of 3:04.69 is the fastest in 2011 by an all-US foursome.

This has never been done before.  And it must be the fastest B-team ever put together.

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