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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Anti-Doping News

Two stories today, both rather big.

#1. IAAF rejects Bulgarian decision to clear 2 athletes of doping
Bulgaria's athletics federation cleared two female athletes of doping violations Wednesday, contending their positive tests for testosterone were inconclusive.
The IAAF's response is basically "well, you might clear them but we won't", and the athletes are still considered suspended. The athletes in question are high jumper Venelina Veneva (ranked #3 in the world last year; PR 2.04 / 6' 8 1/4") and 400m hurdler Vanya Stambolova (last year's Euro champ, 54.55 NR).

#2. Former pole vault world champion Gibilisco suspended 2 years for role in doping
Former world champion pole vaulter Giuseppe Gibilisco was banned for two years Wednesday for his alleged role in the "Oil for Drugs'' case.
The case against Gibilisco is built mainly on phone wiretaps. But CONI's anti-doping prosecutor Franco Cosenza said a diary taken from Gibilisco allegedly contained codes for doping substances.
Gibilisco was the surprise winner at the 2003 Worlds; of course he professes his innocence. The "Oil for Drugs" case is a several-year-old Italian anti-doping investigation centered mostly on cycling which has received little press in the USA (no mention anywhere at Steroid Nation).

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