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Monday, July 23, 2007

Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin

I try to keep up with all the track & field on TV, even to the point of finding reruns of classic shows like Sanford & Son and The Cosby Show.

So I was surprised to find something on TV tonight that I missed. An obscure cable channel I didn't even know I had, Sports Time Ohio, was running "Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin".

It's part of Bud Greenspan's Olympiad film series, and where he began his filmmaking career in earnest. It is not part of the 8-volume VHS "The Olympiad Greatest Moments" set released in 1996, and is now out of print. Right now, has just one used copy for sale (at a pricy $33.88).

I only saw a few minutes of the film, but fortunately it will be re-run at least ten times in the coming month. I'll wait to pass judgement on it until I get a chance to view the whole thing. But I'm guessing that it contains many of the half-truths and outright fabrications that Jeremy Schaap worked so hard to straighten out.

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Dave Brett Wasser said...

Do you have a DVD of this program? I would like to see it.