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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What's Next?

The last two Golden League meets have featured some horrendous mistakes. Rome's screw-up is not to be laughed at; Sdiri's injuries were serious (still in hospital, surgery does not appear necessary).

The Paris goof was a bit less grim. Amazingly, this didn't make it onto CBC's broadcast of the meet.
Rather unfittingly, this meet will be remembered for the calamity in the men’s steeplechase, which will go down as being one of the biggest blunders in Golden League history due to the mistake by the officials in charge of the lap counter. One might have thought Paul Koech would have been aware of the error, as the same incident had befallen him in Ostrava last year but as the bell sounded, Koech spurted, unaware he had 800m remaining.

Entering the home straight for what he assumed was the final time, the Olympic bronze medallist was greeted to the bell chiming for the second time. Oblivious to this commotion, the Kenyan walked off the track, assuming victory was sealed. It was some time before Koech was redirected back on course but by then, Bob Tahri had stole a winning lead to take a farcical victory in 8:08.47, to Koech’s 8:12.73.

So what's the next goof-up going to be?

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