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Monday, July 30, 2007

Anti-Doping News

Reading the US press, the news is all about Justin Gatlin's hearing. The Washington Post examines his defense and wether it stands any chance or not. Realistically, he has none.
Discuss: young punks / old farts

The much larger news is actually news, as in something new we didn't know. As Le Monde reported several days ago, the English-speaking world now reports an emerging bust based in France, Spain, Monaco and Morrocco:
"A year ago, I had said there were dodgy people in (French) middle-distance running," French Athletics Federation (FFA) president Bernard Amsalem told Reuters in an interview on Saturday.

"A year ago, I knew this already. Now the rumours are proving to be true, networks are beeing unveiled."
"Until September, athletics will be rocked even more, certainly in our country but not only. There are two Moroccan networks involving Moroccan athletes based in Europe, notably in Spain. They should be unearthed very, very soon.

"We are currently working on a list of some 15 people, all French middle-distance runners," Amsalem added. "For the moment I have no information regarding the sprints or throws."
Le Monde named Khalid Skah as a supplier. Keep an eye on this story.

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