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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Superfan Power Rankings: College Women

Promised tomorrow, delivered ahead of schedule.

Remember, this is A way to rank teams, not the only way.  It is very much like the USTFCCCA regional rankings, but blends all the regions into one group. At the top, though, it is more reflective of national rankings.

1. Texas A&M 1) v LSU
2. Tennessee
3. Arkansas
4. LSU 2) v TAMU
5. Clemson
6. Indiana 1) v Purdue
7. Oklahoma
8. Central Florida
9. Texas Tech
10. Ohio State 1) v Michigan
11. Nebraska 1) adidas Classic
12. Southern Illinois
13. Stanford
14. Minnesota 1) Jack Johnson Classic
15. Michigan 2) v Ohio State
16. Mississippi
17. Penn State
18. Illinois 1) Illini Classic
19. Louisville
20. Texas 1) Hilton Memorial
21. Connecticut 1) NYRR Armory
22. TCU
23. Michigan State
24. North Dakota State
25. Iowa State

Most west coast teams, most notably Oregon, and some sun belt teams are absent due to a later start to their seasons.  They'll be in here soon.

Central Florida is an up-and-coming program, as noted by their #8 ranking here.

It's very early, and things can and will change, but Ohio State is the top-ranked team in the Big Ten.  The Buckeyes have never won a (women's) Big Ten team championship, indoors or out, and only have two runner-up finishes.

Early numbers suggest the SEC Championship could be a tight three-way race.

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