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Friday, June 30, 2006

Guess It Doesn't Mean the Same Thing

We all know there are English words which have different meanings in England than in America. It's not an "elevator", it's a "lift"; it's not "gasolene", it's "petrol"; they're not "suspenders", they're "braces"; and in Britain a "fanny pack" is pretty much anatomically impossible. There are other regional differences as well; apparently "illegal invasion of oil-rich soveriegn nation based on false pretenses" does mean the same thing in the US, UK and Australia but something different in Canada and New Zealand.

So I'm watching the on-demand video of the Gateshead track meet on WCSN and I think I've found another one. In the stands just past the finish line there's a banner for a group of UK track and field fans, the "British Athletics Supporters Club". So far I've seen nothing to indicate they have any idea what that title would mean over here.

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