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Monday, June 26, 2006

Marion Jones

I'm waiting to get all my photos back before I do a big post on the USATF meet. In short, I had a great time.

As I'm sure you've heard, Marion Jones is back up to some resemblance of her form from several years ago. She handily won the USATF 100 meters this weekend, running 11.10 into a headwind. The crowd gave her a relatively warm welcome, although certain Superfans sat on their hands. USATF avoided using her for meet promotion purposes, and with good reason.

Let's look back. From 1997 to 2002, she earns 12 # rankings in the two sprints over a six-year span, which no other sprinter (male or female) has ever done. Then we end up with two ex-husbands with doping bans, her coach admitting his Mexican steroid connections, Jones' connections to BALCO are revealed (including paying them $7500), BALCO head Victor Conte telling ABC's 20/20 that he personally injected her with PEDs (for which Jones sued him), and the well-researched book Game of Shadows reports she took drugs from BALCO. People have been executed with less evidence. As if she doesn't have a bad enough reputation already, she has sued ex-coach Dan Pfaff to escape paying him the money she owes him and already went to binding arbitration over, and coach Steve Riddick has been arrested and charged in a multi-million dollar check-kiting scheme.

Now she's running well again. Some say her jaw looks different than in past years. One side effect of HGH use is jaw realignment. While an HGH test is out there, no one has yet been caught with it. You be the judge.

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