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Thursday, June 29, 2006


I just signed up for the WCSN athletics season pass. All I can say is "wow". The Superfan just got super-er.

A heads-up for those not in the know: last year the World Championships Sports Network was launched in order to bring the IAAF World Championships in Athletics to American viewers, as it was not going to be broadcast on any widely available US television channel. Since then it has morphed into a site offering pretty much the entire elite overseas season in a multitude of sports. For a measly $50 I got the Athletics Season Pass, which provides me with the entirety of their track and field coverage, 29 meets in all.

The video is whatever "host feed" the event provided, usually with BBC announcers. The picture quality is not great, but that's my only complaint. For comparison's sake, it cost me just over $50 to get into the USATF meet for its final two days, whereas WCSN's coverage will total well in excess of two days. And by that I mean there's more than 48 hours of video!

A popular "what-if" game is wondering what an all-track-and-field cable channel would look like. This is the closest thing we'll ever get and that's fine with me. The internet is the future of cable television.

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