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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Boston Indoor Recap

IAAF recap
USATF recap
Let's Run recap
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My thoughts on the Reebok Boston Indoor Games...

Event of the meet: Men's 800 meters. A (friendly) domestic rivalry cannot be a bad thing for the sport in this country, and it appears we may have one building between Khadevis Robinson and Nick Symmonds. The Boston Globe has a nice article on 3rd place Said Ahmed.
Runner-up: men's mile. A close finish, but there were no heavyweights in the race. Rob Myers could make a significant move up the miling ladder if he learned the importance of relaxation.

Performance of the meet: Of course, Meseret Defar's world record in the women's 2-mile. What was surprising was how close Kim Smith was, also ten seconds under the old record.

Surprise of the meet: That Buster Mottram won the men's 3000 meters is not a surprise. That he, or anyone not named Kenenisa Bekele, broke a Haile Gebrselassie meet record is a surprise. What this meets for the outdoor season and most importantly the Olympics is unclear, but he is obviously running extremely well right now.

This week's TV complaints: The world's top three shot-putters are competing, and chances are great that one of them will be the Olympic champion. With a small field, there are only 16 attempts in the entire meet. Why show us only three attempts?

Why is Jen Stuczynski more prominently featured in advertisements than in meet coverage?

On the other hand, USATF put together a commercial plugging its Junior Olympics program. About damn time.

NBC's Joe Battaglia runs down the top ten stories of the meet...

How did I do on my fantasy team? I have no idea. USATF lists the top 20 on its website but didn't tell me how I scored or how I stand. Regardless, I didn't do very well--I suck at these kinds of things.

EDIT: I'm in the top 20%, some 24 points out of first.

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